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The Yard Sale Nanny

Sparrow’s Nest Consignment came about for many reasons but if I were to name the chief reason I would have to say it was the influence of my grandmother, Alice Marie Alden. Nanny Alden, as I called her, took me to every thrift shop in a 50 mile radius of my hometown of Fries, Virginia. She and my mother, Sharon,  drug me out of bed every Friday and Saturday morning when I was on summer break to go to yard sales and she taught me the value in old things. She collected glass, coins, dolls, you name it and she collected it! My mother and I were always happy to go treasure hunting with my grandmother although she wore us out! Even though they have both left this world for “the big yard sale in the sky” I know they are with me in spirit.

You could say that sleuthing though other peoples things, be it in yard sales or second-hand shops, is in my blood so opening a consignment shop was second nature to me. Despite that fact it still took  a lot of years of wondering before I decided what I wanted to do with my life. I’ve worked for corporate retailers, done interior design, customer service, and retail merchandising. I even considered a masters degree in counseling psychology before sitting down and writing a letter to The Universe stating my intention of opening a consignment store! I am a creative person, always rolling over new ideas in my head and I am, by nature, a poet so having a creative outlet has always been very important to me. If you haven’t been in Sparrow’s Nest yet you are in for a treat as it is the place where all of my life/work experiences meet with my creativity to create a warm, welcoming space that’s filled with unique finds. You will be greeted by the sound of chirping birds, eclectic music, and a smile! Stop by and see what The Nest is all about, I think you will love it!


Tammy Sparrow

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Owner & Co-Chick; A California transplant who crew up in a tiny town on the Virginia/North Carolina border, Tammy roamed through the woods and dreamed of traveling to exotic places. She has a BA in English/Creative Writing from Hollins University and a certification in Interior Design from Orange Coast College. She has a background in retail sales, merchandising, interior design,customer service,and delivering (often unsolicited) advice to friends and customers. She has been a fan of yard sales, flea markets and second hand stores for as long as she can remember.

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