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Character Defect?

So often, here in Sparrow’s Nest, we hear comments about how cool vintage items are and how well made vintage furniture is. Those comments make us two Chicks really happy as it implies that people really get “it.” The “it” to which I am referring is the fact that each time you buy a vintage item rather than a new item you are doing a few important things: you’re keeping some thing from going into the landfill, you’re keeping something from being manufactured and shipped, thereby saving on fossil fuels and resources such as water, and you are, most likely, helping a small business stay in business.

There are other long-term advantages as well; the vintage piece that is already 25 years old most likely has another 25 years or more of life left in it. Furniture was made to withstand moves, babies, teenagers, and time so you’ll not need to replace that piece because it fell apart in your last move. Vintage pieces also have what we like to call character, meaning nicks and dings and a little tell- tale signs that it has it’s own history. We once had a guest in the shop ask if we had a desk and showed him an old wood desk and pointed out that it had some character marks on it. He commented, “character, that’s what we are calling it now?” We pointed out that while he was not as shiny and smooth as he once was, he had a lot more character. He laughed, agreed, and took home a little more character for his home office.

When you’re ready to add some character and have a good time looking around a shop filled with crazy characters and two fun Chicks, come on over!

Tammy Sparrow

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Owner & Co-Chick; A California transplant who crew up in a tiny town on the Virginia/North Carolina border, Tammy roamed through the woods and dreamed of traveling to exotic places. She has a BA in English/Creative Writing from Hollins University and a certification in Interior Design from Orange Coast College. She has a background in retail sales, merchandising, interior design,customer service,and delivering (often unsolicited) advice to friends and customers. She has been a fan of yard sales, flea markets and second hand stores for as long as she can remember.

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