Sparrow’s Nest Consignment is a fun, kitschy shop where you will find lots of cool vintage items from furniture to jewelry to clothing. While the shop gravitates toward vintage we don’t discriminate based on age so you will find a few antiques mixed in with some newer items. New items fly into The Nest everyday so you will want to stop by often.

Sparrow’s Nest is owned and operated  by Tammy Sparrow, so now you know where at least part of the name came from! The shop is Sparrow’s Nest because Tammy loves to help you line your own nest (home) with great finds at fair prices while reusing items that are still in fantastic condition. So there you have it; Sparrow’s Nest Consignment is here to help you line your nest in a environmentally and economically friendly way.

If you’d like to read the back story of how Tammy decided to open Sparrow’s Nest, of her long arduous journey to consignment bliss,  please see our blog post! : )